An Open Letter to Apple

Send a Printed and Physical Letter

We have taken the liberty of turning our open letter into a personal letter for you to send to Apple, Inc. Their mailing address is at the top of the letter. Print, sign, seal, stamp, and put it in the mail. We’ve found that physical, written correspondence to corporations is more effective than social media call outs. So this is the most effective way.

Give Feedback on Apple’s Website

A less effective means is to head over to Apple’s Feedback Form on their website and offer feedback. Because the feedback form has a limited number of characters, we offer the following, revised, wording (or you can substitute your own):

I don't like that in the latest update of iOS, there has been an autocorrect entry to turn the word referring to a collective of domestic employees: "nannies" into the possessive word: "Nannie's". I doubt this is the usual case for the use of the word "nannies" given the scope and depth of the in-home childcare industry. I am aware that additional steps may be taken to enter the automatic word-substitution dictionary to change the entry offered as a default by Apple; I find this insufficient. I request that this "nannies to Nannie's" autocorrect entry be removed in the next planned update.

Here is an example of our feedback that we offered, so that you can better fill out the other portions of the form —

Share Our Social Media Post

And finally, we ask that you share our social media post in order to bring attention to our push to get nannies restored to our rightful place of visibility. We are not a typo!

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