An Open Letter to Apple

To Whom it May Concern at Apple, Inc.:

We have become aware that in the latest update of iOS, there has been an autocorrect entry to turn the word referring to a collective of domestic employees: nannies into the possessive word: Nannie’s. While we do not deny that there may be several persons in the world named Nannie who may in fact own things, we doubt this is the usual case for the use of the word nannies given the scope and depth of the in-home childcare industry.

We are aware that additional steps may be taken to enter the automatic word-substitution dictionary to change the entry offered as a default by you. We find this insufficient. We know that your dictionary can learn new words and if the typer does indeed mistype objects belonging to Nannie regularly, that their phone will learn.

We respectfully request that this nannies ➡️ Nannie’s autocorrect entry be removed in the next planned update.

The North Carolina Professional Association of Nannie’s Nannies

We, further, call upon other nanny organizations and individual nannies to join us in our call for Apple to correct their autocorrect error. Turn the page for ways you can help!

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