Public Schools Suspended for Remainder of School Year

Governor Roy Cooper gave a press conference today (Friday, April 24th) at lunch time. He said a lot of things, but only one that related to nannies and it is:

Public schools are all the way out for the whole rest of the school year.

For those of you with school aged charges, we know that adding Governess to your nanny title wasn’t something you wanted forced upon you, and especially not without additional pay. We get it. So if you haven’t seen the mental health resources for nannies in this trying time, take ample advantage of them. You deserve it.

In addition, fire up your ongoing draft copy of your resume and RIGHT NOW add Governess to your position title at your current position. It is what you are doing.

governess (noun) — a woman who is employed to take charge of a child’s upbringing, education, etc.

Like it or hate it, we’ve just gained ourselves a resume booster because that “education” piece has fallen to us. So capture it before it gets forgotten and immortalize it on that resume!

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