DAY FIFTEEN Virtual Dance Party

While your North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies is happy to share informal educational and networking (read: social) opportunities with you that others have arranged, we are not usually in a position where the nannies of North Carolina need us to step in and arrange something ourselves. But we wanted to extend our resources and connections with our behind-the-scenes Agency Affiliates to put together something truly wonderful for the nannies of North Carolina (and the world!).

In partnership with one of our Agency Affiliates, who was happy to supply us with access to their Zoom account, we are bringing you a virtual dance party to mark the end of the fifteen day social distancing period for the United States. Or what has been for nannies, to steal a term from the theater world, H*ll Week(s).

At the time of writing this, it is too early to tell if that means we’ve flattened the curve and can give one another high fives, or if we are going to be headed toward mandatory isolation, but either way, dancing like no one is watching seemed the right thing to do.

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