Socially-Distanced Mental Health Resources for Nannies

If you are having feelings over this current crisis pandemic, you aren’t alone.

Your North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies is putting together a list of virtual/distance/online mental health supports that are within a nanny’s budget.

Along with the above list, specific just to WAKE COUNTY, is a list of free virtual support groups.

In addition, if you are just feeling socially isolated and want to feel connected with other nannies, we continue to maintain the North Carolina Nanny Calendar, which at present is more of an International English Speaking Nanny Calendar, because all the events have gone virtual. You can find it as the footer to every page, or right below this paragraph.

If you know any resources or events we missed, please let us know in the comments. Also, please share with your fellow nannies. This crisis requires community!

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