(triangle) Nanny Game Night

Date and Time: January 12th at 6 pm

Location: Private home of our hostess in Durham, NC

Game Night. My apartment in Durham (off exit 270 of I-40).

I have TV&Movie trivia, Taboo, Pictionary, some card games, and have access to many more games if needed.

Bring food? Order food when you’re here? (There are TONS of restaurants nearby!) Bring food and we can cook? I’m open to whatever. -also, I only drink water and coffee at home, so if you want anything other than that, please bring it. ?

No specific end time, stay as long as you like.

Feel open to invite other nannies or bring them along. But I will say that my apartment is a small-ish one-bedroom.

Register and RSVP on Facebook, or by emailing former professional development chair Genia.


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