(triangle) Wine and Design for those Who Cannot Art

Water colors and nannies. What could be better?

Date and Time: February 16th at 7 pm

Location: private home in Chapel Hill; address will be sent to those who have RSVPed

Inspired by an activity at Christmas Old Salem for making watercolored illuminated manuscripts:

Grab a bottle of wine and bring it (and your sleep over stuff if you intend to partake irresponsibly) to a TGIF artisticless-talented version of Wine and Design.

We will make copies of cool coloring pages from children’s coloring books, provide watercolors or other horrible paints from Dollar Tree, and with plenty of the wine you are bringing to share, mayhem, art, and awesome will erupt.

Conveniently timed to allow you to use your masterpiece(s) as Valentines Day gifts for those special someones who claim that they love you unconditionally. Because of this, it is a nannies only night out as we don’t want to spoil the romantic surprise.

Address will be messaged to those who have RSVPed as “going” by the Thursday prior to our coloring paint party.


Register and RSVP on Facebook, or by emailing volunteer host Jennifer.


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