Cheap Contract?

The highly recommended A to Z Nanny Contract goes on sale infrequently (roughly once every three years), and this year is the year. It is 50% off this year. [Editor’s Note: I bought last time it was on 50% sale and it has been a game changer for my career.]

But you have to act fast. It is only on this half-price sale until Monday.

In the words of the former nanny who created this great resource:

The A to Z Nanny Contract only goes on sale every 2 or 3 years and this is the year. (We need some good stuff this year, right?) Get your own DIY A to Z Nanny Contract with all the new COVID additions for 1/2 off until Monday at midnight. Don’t need it right now? You can buy it now for future use or gift it to a nanny friend for a holiday gift. Don’t miss this chance to grab a nanny favorite for 1/2 off.

from Lora Brawley

We here at your North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies advocate always working with a written work agreement or contract, and having one of your own to use as a fall-back plan if your employers won’t ever get around to coming up with one of their own. At least one of us [Editor Note: It’s me!] strongly praises the A to Z Nanny Contract for use in this role. So when we heard about the super-sale, we didn’t want anyone in the nanny realm of North Carolina to miss it.

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