COVID-19 Options for those Off the Books

Another conversation coming to you from Nanny Care Hub is one that is an extension to this earlier Facebook Live recording we shared by HomeWork Solutions and Ask the Nanny. HomeWork Solutions has been absolutely hitting it out of the park lately, emerging as the people with all the answers. But of course, we already knew that, since they’ve been a major player in the nanny industry for at least the decade This Author has been participating in the larger national nanny industry conversations.

There are a lot of resource rich webinars and blog posts available around the financial relief available to nannies during this pandemic.  However they all assume the nanny was paid legally.  There are countless caregivers in our community who are paid under the table meaning their employer has not paid taxes on their earnings.  This webinar is focused on those caregivers, their options, and how each option affects their employers in the real world.

Lora Brawley

In closing, your North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies would like to remind you that we have taken the Fair and Legal Pay pledge and that while we are providing this information for nannies who may not have known any better than to be off the books in the past, as an organization we are going to encourage any and all nannies to be paid legally at a fair wage. It is possible and we are happy to connect you with the educational resources to get it done.

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