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Win a SwingEase for inviting people to #NNTDRTP 2015!

“I cannot push you right now; all the baby swings are in use.”

How many times have you said that. Isn’t it a shame that the baby swings always have waiting lists while the ‘big kid’ swings sit empty and unloved. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to magic the ‘big kid’ swings into baby swings?


What amazing is this? It is as if someone could read my mind, go back in time, and invent the thing I was just wishing for!
Introducing the SwingEase. It does just that! It is beloved by many. This many >> # # # # # << (yes, one of those was BigRedTricycle) and more! Those are just on the first page of the Google search results for the SwingEase.

How much would you pay for a SwingEase? $100? $50? $40?

Words? What do you mean you’d pay with words? You can’t pay with wor….  Oh!

SwingEase Give Away for #NNTDRTP 2015

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One of the creators of SwingEase is such a big supporter of National Nanny Training Day: Research Triangle Park that she donated a SwingEase for us to give away without asking a single thing in return. You don’t have to follow HoneyBee Child on twitter. You don’t have to like the SwingEase Facebook page. You don’t have to LinkIn to HoneyBee Child. You just have to recommend #NNTDRTP 2015 to a friend. That’s it.

#NNTDRTP 2015 is worth $40 to SwingEase. Your ticket costs less. Get on that!

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