Professional Development

FREE Admission from qlipter by Lulabop (#NNTDRTP 2015)

Have you ever acquired a piece of nannying equipment that was a total game changer? Introducing qlipter by Lulabop!

This is not just a carabiner. This is the carabiner your carabiner always wished it was. It is a diaper bag, nanny bag, or purse hook. It is a carabiner clip. it is an s-hook. It is a coat hook. It is a handy handhold for your charges that allow you to have hands free. It is the perfect place-anywhere diaper bag hook so that you aren’t having to sift through the diaper bag on the floor to find the diapers that have fallen to the bottom. It is just the right size to clip things to the stroller.


We are pleased to announce Lulabop as a sponsor for National Nanny Training Day: Research Triangle Park 2015. Not only are they donating some qlipters as door prizes, but someone is getting in for free! After all, you cannot win a door prize if you aren’t present at National Nanny Training Day: Research Triangle Park!

Here is how you win that free admission:

Now, it goes without saying that there must be some rules to keep everyone honest, and those are:

  • You only get one bag entry. Pick your messiest bag!
  • Make sure you include the hashtags, else the entries requiring hashtags won’t count. 🙁
  • The different types of entries have different values. You can take advantage of all of them.
  • Deadline: 6th April 2015 at 11:59 pm ET. The winner will be announced on 7th April 2015, right here, on this blog (Programs > Professional Development).
  • Winners are selected by random drawing out of all the valid entries. Odds of winning are dependent on number of valid entries.
  • If the winner fails to sign up for National Nanny Training Day: Research Triangle Park by April 11th, 2015, then the second place winner will be awarded the winning prize, instead.
  • By submitting your entries, you allow the North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies and Lulabop to use them in marketing efforts for the 2015 National Nanny Training Day: Research Triangle Park including, but not limited to, a photo slideshow on, a photo slideshow at the event itself, or a photo slideshow at the post-event celebratory committee meeting and in marketing efforts for qlipter.