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One Day Doula Certification Opportunity

BEST Doula is offering a one-day in-person postpartum doula certification in the Triangle area at $800, with additional independent coursework and reading. The friendly author has signed up, emphasizing the certification’s potential to supplement a nanny career by offering a higher hourly rate and the opportunity to be more selective about nanny positions. Interested individuals are encouraged to sign up and join the local nanny community in this venture, with the training scheduled for April 27th, 2024.

One of the nannies local to the Triangle area has arranged for the fine folks at BEST Doula to come and offer a one-day in-person postpartum doula certification. After a single day with no practicum, attendees will walk away with an accredation from BEST to work as postpartum doulas.

And here, the author of this post gets personal. I, your friendly author, have signed up for the doula certification and it is not cheap. Budget $800. Which is comparable to other certification programs from other standards-bearers in the postpartum doula world. It also isn’t quick. What I mistakenly thought to be a single day of labor (could it be so easy?) is in fact just a single day of in-person; the remainder of the coursework is to be completed independently, in advance of our day together. There is an extensive reading list (made easier by someone on the learning group having found the books free through libraries) and written homework that must be submitted early enough that BEST can grade it before we even set foot in the classroom.

Which is why, even though the training isn’t until April 27th (2024), I pushed to write this post/newsletter for you all NOW. Because I wanted to give anyone else who was interested time to sign up.

For me, postpartum doula won’t replace my nanny career but it will hopefully supplement it. Offering an opportunity for income to buffer me between nanny jobs so that I can afford to take only the best of nanny fits. Postpartum doula work is very temporary and very lucretive. In the Triangle area, postpartum doulas can charge $35-$45/hr with no long term commitments to clients. Plus, with the credential, I can charge a higher nanny rate as well.

If you are interested in joining the small but mighty crew of nannies in North Carolina who have signed up for this course and credentialing process, click here for further instructions and feel free to reach out to the nanny who arranged this all if you want to hear her reasons for going through all this effort.

See you in the classroom!

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