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FREE! Transforming Toddlerhood 5th Annual Conference [Online]

When: Wednesday, March 30th to Sunday, April 3rd (on demand within 24 hour period) | RSVP HERE

Nannying younger kids (1 – 5 years old) is simultaneously one of the most immensely rewarding AND challenging human experiences.

Many times when I’ve nannied kids in the toddler age range, even though they were incredibly cute and intelligent little beings, sometimes my alter ego, “Grumpy Nanny” would come out because it was so intense and frustrating.

I looked a little like this:

I was supposed to “enjoy this stage” because “these are the majority of the nanny jobs out there” but it’s hard to cherish anything when I was exhausted and pushed to the limits of my patience on a daily basis. 

Sometimes I would look at myself in the mirror and say, “Why do I want to be in this profession?” or I’d reassure myself saying, “This will take twice as long as you think it will” as I prepared myself for an outing in the car or to the park.

I wondered, “Why is nannying a toddler so hard? When does it get easier?” 

You feel me?

Kids younger than 5 are in a critical developmental period that can push an adult’s buttons and unravel the patience of even the most patient nanny, all before your morning coffee has time to kick in.

Can toddlerhood be easier for the parenting team, including nannies?

Yes! Yes, it can.

Leading toddler parenting coach Devon Kuntzman has put together the fifth annual Transforming Toddlerhood Conference. It’s a free, virtual event for parents and caregivers of kids ages 1-5 from March 30th – April 3rd

This conference brings together more than 25 leaders (including the folks behind the Happily Family Conference) to talk about toddler behavior, development, health, and parenting. We’ll learn their best tools for overcoming the everyday challenges of raising a toddler while nurturing their development and giving us more confidence in our nannying.

This is the only online parenting professional development – that we know of – focused solely on the toddler years!

Not only will we get access to the personal wisdom and strategies of 25+ incredible experts, but we’ll get it 100% FREE!

This professional development symposium takes place just once a year. 

And it all starts Wednesday, March 30th.

Devon Kuntzman is a toddler parenting coach. She created this symposium to address the myth that toddlerhood is terrible and to help an entire parenting team get the support they need.

During this event, we will see how to:  

  • Respond effectively to hitting and tantrums
  • Reduce power struggles so our toddler charge will listen
  • Overcome common challenges like bedtime, teeth brushing, and potty training
  • Reduce our own stress, anxiety, and burnout
  • Gracefully handle our toddler charge’s behavior with positive discipline tools

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A lot of these speakers have their own paid-for programs that they peddle and it is no doubt that they are giving us a free taste of their expertise in order to try to gain customers, but expertise is expertise and free amounts are worth gathering. Please take advantage of this free, 5-day event.

Give this event as a gift to yourself… as a time to get refreshed, reassured, and to help you become the kind of nanny that you want to be. 

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