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FREE! Mental Health Reboot for Kids Workshop Series [Online]

First, the quick info you want:
Cost: FREE | When: Friday, February 4 at 3 pm to Friday, February 11 at 3 pm Eastern
(Yes, we know you don’t have much warning. Neither did we. But replays are available to any registered.)

Sign up by clicking HERE.

This workshop series is just the kind of thing we love to attend because it is evidence and science based to provide data driven parenting techniques and information. Plus, it is coincidentally during Children’s Mental Health Week (well, most of it anyway).

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Here is the pitch that Happy Family makes for what you will learn in the workshop series:

If your child is struggling, parenting didn’t cause it, the pandemic did.

  • What kind of parenting do kids need right now to recover from the pandemic? What are the best practices for moving forward?
  • How to address challenging behavior. Kids’ mental and emotional health affects their behavior. How can you change behavior from the inside-out?
  • Parenting is protective. What does the research say about practices that protect the children’s well-being and improve their mental health?

The workshop sessions are:

Replays available.

For North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies supporting members:

We will be hosting a follow-up review day to go over what the key take-aways were from the workshop series, and to compare notes with one another. If you aren’t a supporting member and want to attend the review session, get your membership now!

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We look forward to seeing everyone at one (or both) of these opportunities!

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