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FREE! The Whole Child Fitness Certification [online]

When: May 15 & 16 | Where: Virtual Training (link sent to registered attendees) | RSVP via THIS LINK

We wanted to make you aware of an opportunity to attend an ACE Accredited professional development training for free. After this date it will be offered at ~$400 so act fast! There is a waiting list to sign up for and no-shows mean that names off the waiting list are chosen. Here’s the pitch from the person running the training:

As a babysitter/nanny you will learn so much about child development and of course physical development and have lots of opportunities to learn about programming. I am really excited about inviting you to join us on our Beta Launch of our Student Fitness Experts Specialist Certification. We are offering this for $397 (but you get it for FREE) only for this launch. You really get a LOT from it including some extra coaching sessions with me (we can work on anything you want and I offer some ideas below) as one of the first sign ups!!!


Virtual weekend workshop (hours below) + 12 weekly group mentoring & coaching sessions that will start the week of May 17. The time is TBD and there will be a survey to determine the best time.

  • May 15 7-10 EST
  • May 16 12:30-5:30 EST

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