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FREE! Setting Loving (& Effective!) Limits Masterclass [Online]

First, the quick info you want:
Cost: FREE | When: Saturday, May 1, 2021 at 2-3:30 pm Eastern
(Yes, we know you don’t have much warning. Neither did we.)

Sign up by clicking the following image or HERE.

We are big fans of Your Parenting Mojo for data driven parenting techniques and information. So we were very excited when, finally on our feed on Facebook, we managed to see

Free? Workshop? We had to know. We were sad to learn that the workshop was already in full swing and was 5 days long so we couldn’t share that with you, but were excited to learn that the Masterclass on Saturday was both free and short and comprehensive. Why spend five days when you can spend an hour and a half?

Here is the pitch that Your Parenting Mojo makes for what you will learn in the workshop and/or the Masterclass:

Learn how to dramatically reduce tantrums and increase collaboration! Without bribes, giving in, using force or ignoring your child!

Hosted by: Jen Lumanlan M.S., M.Ed., Creator of Your Parenting Mojo

Do you have a child aged 1 – 6? Is your child not listening, ignoring you, and yelling “NO!” at your every request? Are you ready to set calm, confident limits that your child respects? Would you like more cooperation from your child with daily tasks? Do you want your rules and boundaries to reflect your own values?

If your children are constantly Testing Limits, this workshop is for You, because parenting doesn’t have to be this frustrating! Go from constant struggles and nagging to a new sense of calm & collaboration by learning how to Set Loving (& Effective) Limits

“Our kids have been so much more helpful and we have all been so much happier without all the power struggles. What a change!”

– Amy

You’ll learn

  • How to cut the number of limits you set by at least half, allowing your child more freedom within a framework of acceptable behavior
  • To set limits calmly and confidently, not on the spur of the moment
  • How to use the Three Zones of Behavior to set limits that your child will respect
  • The critical difference between limits and boundaries that affects your parenting
  • How to move beyond setting limits to engage your child’s intrinsic desire to cooperate with you

You’ll see

  • Decreased testing behavior from your child
  • Reduced stress for you
  • A new sense of calm and collaboration in your home (and who doesn’t need more of that these days?)

Positive discipline methods take more time, energy and attention to implement than traditional methods but the outcomes for all humans involved may include increased connection, cooperation, and a desire to spend more time in each other’s company.

For North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies supporting members:

We will be hosting a follow-up study session to go over what the key take-aways were from the masterclass, and to find an accountabilibuddy who can help you stay on track with choosing positive discipline rather than traditional punishment discipline. If you aren’t a supporting member and want to attend the study session, get your membership now!

Once you have signed up or in, you can access the connection details by clicking on the Membership menu item and selecting Members Only Content from the list of options.

We look forward to seeing everyone at one (or both) of the sessions!

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