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National Nanny Recognition Week & interNational Nanny Training Day

We have recently updated the post on the current standing of the interNational Nanny Training Days of North Carolina. 2020 once again claimed as victims all training days except Chapel Hill, which has gone virtual and is still on schedule for September 12th.

Want a free admission?

Help NannyCast with producing their annual Cards Against Humanity nanny-themed add-on pack by submitting card ideas and you’ll be entered into a raffle for FREE ADMISSION to interNational Nanny Training Day 2020: Chapel Hill.


Don’t believe us? Hear it from the source:

Get it done by September 9, 2020, and you might win.

Here’s how to submit your card ideas:

So what does this have to do with National Nanny Recognition Week? Well, if you’ll look at our schedule of events on the NC PAN National Nanny Recognition Week page, you’ll see that every Saturday of NNRW, NannyCast provides the nanny-themed add-on pack to everyone for free as a NNRW treat. So you’ll be helping yourself learn and helping yourself play!

You’ll notice that our calendar looks a little bit different this year. That’s because we’ve had to swap in-person events for remote events. Hopefully those remote events will still prove enjoyable enough that we’ll all have fun attending!

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