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Should I Ask for a COVID Raise? A Chat.

From Lora Brawley of Nanny Care Hub comes a Zoom chat on whether or not, and how, ask for a COVID raise. We’ll let her take it from here:

In the beginning of the pandemic, lots of nannies picked up extra duties because the nation was on stay-at-home orders and often, they were the only professional allowed in the house. Housekeepers, dog walkers, chefs, and others were asked to stay at home. Schools and preschools closed and all of a sudden, they were in charge of virtual learning too. Most nannies didn’t ask for a raise during that time because people assumed (hoped!) it was temporary. However now we know we’re not going back to “normal” and many nannies are trying to figure out how their new responsibilities and work environments affect their hourly wage and benefits. Join me as we unpack this issue and talk about the if, when, how, and how much of a COVID raise.

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