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Nanny Contract for COVID-19

Lora Brawley, the powerhouse behind the A-Z Nanny Contract, has released a special COVID-19 addendum/stand alone contract portion for this trying time.

Just because you are an essential employee, doesn’t mean you aren’t able to have the protection of a contract.

It’s done! I’ve completed the A to Z Nanny Contract COVID-19 Addendum. You don’t have to have an A to Z Nanny Contract in place to take advantage of this document. It walks you through the many issues employers and nannies are facing in the ever changing landscape of the Coronavirus, offering step-by-step guidance around the choices you have to make, outlining the options you have, and offering user-friendly language so it’s quick and easy to customize your add-on.

Here’s my blurb about pricing (I’ve gotten several questions about that.) I’m offering this product at 4 discount levels to make sure it’s available to everyone. If you can afford the full price ($20), I ask that you purchase it at that price to support my business. However I don’t want any nanny to go without contract protection during this crisis due to an inability to pay full price so if you’re struggling, please use the promo code 5off to receive $5 off, 10off, 15off, or 20off to receive increasing discounts. It really is pay what you can. We’re all in this together!

Lora Brawley via Nanny Care Hub

Hat tip to Angela Johnson.

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