Professional Development

Standing Up and Standing Out in Difficult Times

From Tonya Sakowicz of Newborn Care Solutions, the same woman and company that has been bringing us weekly free professional developments, comes a paid webinar on standing up for ourselves in these difficult times. We’ll let her take it from here:

Are you wondering how to get through our current situation with your career intact? With over three decades in this industry, Tonya has seen major ups and downs and has always managed to come out standing. Come and learn tried and true methods for standing up and standing out in difficult times! 

Join us Thursday, April 9th, 6pm PST / 9pm EST.

To sign up, please visit

Price is based on the honor system;

If you are still working or being paid: $20

If you are not currently working, please email our office to see if you are eligible for complimentary access.

Announcement Post

We think this is fabulous and several of the board will be in attendance. We hope to see you there.

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