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iNNTD Chapel Hill: Scholarships

The North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies has been asked to facilitate and administer scholarship admissions to interNational Nanny Training Day: Chapel Hill. We have a scholarship fund collection point for anyone who wishes to donate to the scholarship fund.

As stated on the donation collection point, every $50 donated is going to get some lucky nanny in the door at iNNTD: Chapel Hill for free! In addition, your North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies will go one step further and award all recipients of the scholarship fund with a year’s free membership to NC PAN.

In order to be fully transparent, we are collecting scholarship applications here. In addition, we will discuss our scholarship strategy: We will attempt to award full scholarships primarily. For every $50 raised, someone gets in for free.

Should we have an odd amount of money raised that is not divisible by $50, we will portion out the remainder equally across all applicable scholarship candidates. While this won’t be a full scholarship, it will still be a reduced tuition fee. We ask that candidates who cannot, even at a reduced price, afford the tuition fee please let us know so that we can see that the scholarship funds we’d earmarked to those candidates are re-directed to serve other candidates.

Apply for iNNTD: Chapel Hill Scholarship

We are aware that not everyone is currently employed as a nanny. We have two different forms depending on whether or not a nanny is currently employed, as the information gathered will help us better develop resources so that nannies don’t need to pay out of pocket to attend iNNTD. Information provided here will not be shared with employers, potential employers, nor the agencies that are producing the interNational Nanny Training Days. It is for internal NC PAN resource development use only.

Applicants found to be providing false information will be deemed ineligible for scholarship.

Employed Nannies

Resources Mentioned in the Application

Nannies Seeking Employment

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