Professional Development

A Portfolio Workshop of Sorts (triangle)

Date and Time: June 15th at 11 am

Location: Private Home in Durham; address sent to those registered

If you want to work on your portfolio, come on over! No internet in the apartment, but if it’s needed, we can go to the clubhouse. Stay as long as you’d like. Bring a swim suit to go swimming after (or during if you need a break).

What to bring:
*Resumes, info for resumes -addresses/dates/phone numbers/etc.
*letters of recommendation
*certificates for any educational classes you’ve taken/NNTD/conferences/etc.
*cards and or letters you’ve received from nanny families (ie Christmas card with warm loving messages?)
*anything else you’d like to include

Register and RSVP on Facebook or by contacting the Volunteer Host.


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