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Postcards for National Nanny Recognition Week

You know the North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies for our program of sending your employer a really great National Nanny Recognition Week postcard. We love seeing them posted in honored places and love that our member nannies are recognized without having to do the uncomfortable and demanding thing of asking employers to recognize them. Yuck, so awkward.

One thing we haven’t loved, though, is the breach of trust between a nanny and his/her employer family.

When you ask us to mail your employers a postcard, you must give us private information about your employers and their addresses.

While we always scrupulously honored this private information, using it only to mail out postcards and then annihilating all traces of it from the internet and from our own internal database, it nonetheless had to exist and had to be handed over.

We didn’t love that.

We are nannies, too. We know just how zealously you wish to guard your employers’ information. We do the same.

We’ve solved it!

Rather than providing us with information to mail your employer a postcard, we are providing you with a way to print and fold your own postcards.

They are still professionally designed, still from the North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies, still informative rather than demanding, and still will not make you appear greedy or demanding. But now, you don’t need to tell us who you work for or where they live.

When you “buy” (it is $0, but we don’t know what other word to use) the National Nanny Recognition Week post card from the Equipment Shop, you will be sent a digital file to print, fold, and glue. Then address it and stick a single postcard stamp upon the post card and toss that bad boy in the mail and watch your employer hang the postcard in a place of honor to help them remember to recognize you.






Just another way the North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies is helping you be the very best nanny you can possibly be!

… that’s nice, but I really liked having NC PAN mail the post card to my employers.

We see you! And we have a solution for you. You can purchase a mailer add-on to your digital post card.

We’ll print it. We’ll address it. And we’ll pop it in the mail for you so that you don’t have to fuss with post card stamps or recognizable handwriting.

We’ll treat your employer’s address with the utmost of our usual data privacy: we scrub it from our minds, computers, and the internet as soon as we’ve addressed the post card for you.

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