Professional Development

Let Us Ask Your Employer for You … (#NNTDRTP 2015)

Sometimes it can be daunting to ask your employer to sponsor your admission to National Nanny Training Day: Research Triangle Park. It is a lot easier when the North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies makes the suggestion. We understand. We are nannies, too.

We are more than happy to send an email to your employers informing them of National Nanny Training Day: Research Triangle Park and making a case for why they should pay to send you. All we ask in return is that you provide us with a way to reach your employer(s).

We will use this information ONLY to reach out to them about the 2015 National Nanny Training Day: Research Triangle Park, and only reach out to them once. We will not save, sell, or otherwise misuse this information. It is important and, as nannies ourselves, we take our own employer’s contact information very seriously, so we will extend the same courtesy to yours. (Plus, we have a great track record of meaning what we say about this — just look at our National Nanny Recognition Week postcards!)

Help us help you!

Rather do it yourself?

Use this handy flyer as an icebreaker for a great conversation! Then point your employer(s) to to complete the ticket purchase process.