National Nanny Recognition Week Postcard (2023)


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There are many ways to inform your employers about National Nanny Recognition week, such as sending your own letter to your employers. The North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies provides annual postcards to employer families making them aware of National Nanny Recognition Week. For the cost of a postcard stamp, you can anonymously inform your employers of National Nanny Recognition Week, because we know that directly asking to be recognized can feel demanding.

If you do not wish to get a postcard stamp, the North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies will mail it for you for slightly more than a postcard stamp (thanks to the fees imposed by our payment processor). To request a postcard be sent to your employers, please “purchase” a MAILER ADD ON and give your employers address in the “Ship to …” section. Multiple families? Just “buy again” for each family.

Postcards come 2-to-a-sheet and are assembled with these INSTRUCTIONS HERE!


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