National Nanny Recognition Week Postcard (2014)

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Prior year postcards are still free to those who were NC PAN members during those years. Don’t remember your coupon code? Send an email to

There are many ways to inform your employers about National Nanny Recognition week. The North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies sends out annual postcards to employer families making them aware of National Nanny Recognition Week.

To request a postcard be sent to your employers, please “purchase” a postcard and give your employers’ address in the “Ship to” section. Multiple families? Just “buy again” for each family.

Protective of your employers’ address? We get it! Select the Envelope Add On to have the postcard shipped to you in an envelope. Then you can still address it and send it as a postcard.

As this service comes out of member fees, we ask that non-members pay a small fee per postcard to cover their costs; or sign up to become a member. Members enter their coupon code for 100% off the price in the checkout process.



Sharpie Date Alteration

The ultimate in budget National Nanny Recognition Week postcards! This option authorizes the North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies to edit – with a Sharpie – the front of the postcard to reflect the current year’s National Nanny Recognition Week dates.

Each edit will be unique and the example image is meant to be illustrative without promising an identical result.


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