Outings with Charges

(triangle) Playdate Outing: Durham

Date and Time: November 11th at 10:30 am

Location: Trinity Park, Watts Street, Durham, NC, United States

Do you remember Denny, our former social chair? She’s baaaaaaaaack for one week only and she requested a playdate with everyone!

Come meet her and hear stories of the old days of NC PAN, meet other area nannies, and get a daily dose of your vitamin O(utside) with your charges!

Let’s join her! Bring your charges!

If you have them, wear your NANNY shirts. If you are new, look for those of us wearing NANNY shirts.

Register and RSVP on Facebook, or by messaging former social chair Denny.

Do you want to request a playdate of your very own? Email our webmaster! It is easy, peasy, lemonsqueezy.


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