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2017 NC PAN Field Day

Remember how much fun it was last year? Well, this year, we’re doing it again! Read on …

Members and Friends of NC PAN, please gather your charges and join us for Field Day 2017!



Field Day 2017 is being held on Tuesday, August 15th, from 10 am to 1 pm and will consist of structured outdoor water play activities, unstructured outdoor water play, enclosed trampoline play, crafts, a watermelon snack, and a picnic lunch.

It will be held in a private yard in Carrboro, North Carolina, so will have access to indoor flush-toilet bathrooms, but otherwise will be outdoors. Bring a picnic lunch, a swim suit, a swim diaper if needed, a water bottle, and a desire for fun! Waivers are required for participation on the trampoline and in the structured field day activities.

Advanced registration is required on Facebook or, should you not have Facebook, by emailing Advanced registration ensures that you will be sent the address to the private home.

This event is cost-free thanks to the generous hospitality of the host family. We will have a Thank You card for everyone to sign at the event.



Every charge that is participating will need to arrive with a [waiver of liability] signed by his/her parent/legal guardian. It is unfortunate, but those children without [waivers] will not be allowed to participate in the active Field Day events, though they can still cheer on their friends, eat lunch, and participate in the craft. Electronically signed [waivers] are accepted, if submitted to


In a Different Region?

Volunteer as host for your region’s Field Day on a day convenient to you during August!

If you build it, they will come! Contact the NC PAN social chair via to get started. We will promote your event, add it to this post, help you gather RSVPs, and help you connect with nannies in your area.

All social events are volunteer hosted by member nannies!


Spread the Word

*** Download and print [the flyer], or simply share it to your favorite social media sites.

*** Change your Facebook profile photo to [this] so everyone knows you are headed to Field Day!

*** Share the Facebook Field Day event for your local region.

*** Tell a friend!

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