National Nanny Recognition Week

September 24 – 30, 2023

Started in 1998 by Mary Clurman [of] Nanny News, Judi Merlin [of] A Friend of the Family, and a group of dedicated industry professionals, National Nanny Recognition Week was created to draw attention to the positive aspects of nannies instead of the negative issues the press seems to thrive on. … NNRW has become an annual event lauded by nannies, industry professionals, media nanny support groups, industry leaders, professional organizations and the parents whom employ the nannies. … What began as an effort of few now spans hundreds of professionals the last full week of September each year. … NNRW continues to focus on the positive, quality aspects that nannies bring to their charges and jobs every day; and for parents and agencies to say “Thank You” to their wonderful caregivers.

from the official National Nanny Recognition Week blog

Celebrate Your Nanny

For nanny employers, National Nanny Recognition Week is a time to show their nanny just how much they appreciate her and the contribution she makes to their family. If you employ a nanny, consider recognizing her during National Nanny Recognition Week this year. There are as many different ways to celebrate your nanny as there are amazing nannies! Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Give your nanny an individual membership to her local professional association. For $30, your nanny will have the resources and support of a professional organization. The North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that serves the entire state of North Carolina. NC PAN is ready to help you give the gift of association membership.
  • Give your nanny the gift of relaxation. Your nanny spends so much time taking care of others she could use a little time to take care of herself. Gift cards to a local spa or massage parlor are always welcomed, or perhaps a gift basket of yummy bathing products is more your nanny’s style. When she is rejuvenated and reenergized, your entire family will benefit!
  • Hand made gifts from the child(ren). Homemade gifts are a small, personal gesture sure to leave a big impression. A hand-decorated picture frame with a photo of the children inside, or even a batch of your nanny’s favorite cookies will go a long way in letting your nanny know that she’s loved. If your children are musical, have them sing a song (or write a poem) to thank your nanny. It will make her smile and it’s super creative for the kids to write their own lyrics.
  • Share a meal. Consider taking your nanny out to dinner to celebrate National Nanny Recognition Week. If you prefer to stay home, invite your nanny to your family dinner. If she’d rather eat without the children, give her a gift card to her favorite restaurant or to the Capstone restaurant of NC PAN’s National Nanny Recognition Week celebration.
  • Meet a need. Has your nanny expressed interest in going to the gym, owning a piece of technology, learning a new language, acquiring a new skill, or taking a class at the local college? Consider giving her some tuition assistance or equipment (new or new-to-her) to put toward something she’s wanted to do.
  • Pay for professional development. The North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies offers multiple professional development opportunities, including CPR training, that provide attendees with educational and networking opportunities. Consider paying for your nanny to attend one of these career enhancing events. They give right back to your family!
  • A surprise day off! Let your nanny know you appreciate her by giving her a surprise paid day off. Many nannies work long hours and often don’t get off work until the bank, the doctor’s office, hair dresser, post office and other important venues are closed.  Consider giving your nanny the day to celebrate and to take care of herself and her personal business.
  • Give a card. Take a moment to write a personal thank you note to your nanny. Point out some of the ways she’s made your life easier and thank her for taking good care of your most prized possessions, your children. Are your children great artists? Have them create a special thank you card of their own for your nanny.
  • Buy her some nanny swag. For example, we have a North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies tote bag for your nanny. Roomy and easy to carry; the NC PAN tote is sure to be a hit with any nanny. Your nanny can be the few to own one of these limited edition tote bags that she can proudly carry to proclaim her love of your children and profession. Here are all the products we have in our store.
  • Give the gift of good health. Tell your nanny how much you appreciate her, and then gift her with a health insurance stipend to contribute to her well-being.

Regardless of your family celebration, we would like to extend an invitation to participate in the formal schedule of events for National Nanny Recognition Week. The schedule follows.

Schedule of Events

Cook Along with a special Leave it to Chef! that is nanny themed for iNNRW.Increase Awareness of Nannying (online)Recognize Another Nanny (online)

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shhhh it’s a secret

Chapel Hill NNRW Playdate at Community Center Park / Morning — EVENT DETAILS

Charlotte Caregiver/Child Music Enrichment and Playdate at TrebleMakers Music — EVENT DETAILS
JOIN EXCHANGESIGN UP IN ADVANCEDurham NNRW Playdate at Life and Science / Morning — EVENT DETAILS