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Help Create a Job Description for the word “Nanny”

Until now, in the United States, only the IRS bothered to define the job of “nanny” and for legal purposes we have been using that definition ever since. But you notice how that sentence started: until now. What has changed now? Everything!

The US Department of Labor through their O*Net (stands for “occupation network”) is looking to create a better definition of the occupation we know as “nanny”. And they want experienced nannies to tell them what it should be and correct their missteps on what it isn’t.

Here is what they’ve got so far.

And here is how you can give your feedback: Send an email to Matt Robinson at RTI International if you are someone who qualifies as an expert. What are the qualifications for expertise? We’ll let Nanny Magazine take if from here:

Compensation might be available if you are selected to be on the panel, and it is enough to subscribe to Nanny Magazine! (there’s our little plug for getting you even more connected to nanny happenings)

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