North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies

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If you are a nanny who is working either part- or full-time in North Carolina, read on!

The North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies (NC PAN) is a by nannies-for nannies organization for part- or full-time nannies working in North Carolina.

Founded in 2013, NC PAN is the unbiased, reliable, credible informational organization for North Carolina Nannies and is dedicated to Education and Networking for all nannies. We have nothing to sell you and aren’t trying to exploit you, because we are you.

NC PAN offers information about professional development accessible to North Carolina nannies, connects accomplished professionals for mutual success, and provides other information and resources about nannying in North Carolina.

Supporting members enjoy access to exclusive professional development study groups, networking opportunities, and special resources just for them to make nannying in North Carolina the best it can be. Supporting memberships cover the budget to keep the North Carolina Professional Association of Nannies resources publicly available to aid all nannies; without you, we wouldn’t exist.

We pledge that as part of our daily organizational practices, we will educate, support, and comply with all applicable fair and legal pay standards for household employees. Fair and legal pay means the observance and compliance with all federal, state, and local laws that apply in our service area(s), such as worker classification, minimum wage, labor laws, and tax laws.

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